Increase the amount of material screened over time.

When you invest in high quality wire cloth, you’ll get more consistent throughput. That means material passes through the screen without blinding or clogging, and separates into different components efficiently and exactly. You’ll screen
more material and avoid costly downtime.

Extend the screen life of your current equipment.

When material passes more easily through a screen, the need for mechanical cleaning is reduced or eliminated, and screens last longer. Compass Wire can help you select the correct wire mesh spec based on particle size and material.

Decrease machine downtime.

Despite your best efforts at improving efficiency and extending the life of your screens, there comes a time when screens must be replaced. Every minute you wait for replacement screens is lost production time. And lost revenue for your company.

That’s why Compass Wire keeps so much inventory on the shelf. When you place an order, we turn it around quickly, preventing costly downtime and getting you back up and running.

Contact Compass Wire – we work hard to get you what you need as quickly as possible, so you can get back to work!