General Info

Compass Wire Intro VideoWant to get an idea of our capabilities? Take a tour through this brief video!

Compass RewardsUnique to the industry, CompassRewards provides discounts for purchases.
Take a look at the program and redemption schedule here.

Guidelines for Ordering Wire ClothAn easy guide to just how to order your screen.

Recommended Wire DiametersNotes preferred wire diameters for various screen openings.

Screens to fit OEMs (Aggregate)Notes dimensions for some commonly-used screeners.

Wire Cloth AlloysDescribes the various alloys available for screens.

Installation and Maintenance of Woven Wire ScreensHere are some tips to control costs through correct installation and preventative maintenance.

Compass Wire Cloth Corp ISO CertificateWe are proud to hold the international quality certification ISO 9001:2015.
It’s the key to our dependability and consistency.


Wire Cloth Specification ChartLists the mesh count, wire diameter, diameter in millimeters, mesh opening, opening in millimeters, and percent of open area for common meshes.

Wire Cloth Conversion ChartLists alternative meshes, open areas and wire diameters for various meshes.

Understanding the Wire Cloth Conversion ChartAre you looking for alternative meshes and wire diameters, but you’re stymied by the Wire Cloth Conversion Chart? This video makes it all easy to understand! Need a chart? Chat with our rep and ask for one, free of charge.

Square Opening Space ClothLists opening width, wire diameter, gauge (where necessary), weight in pounds per SF, and percent of open space to area for common space cloth, 7 inches to 9/16”.

US Sieve Series and Screen Scale Equivalents ASTM
Lists sieve designation, sieve openings, and nominal wire diameters with screen scale equivalent designation.


Product Info

Compass Wire Industrial Mesh Line CardGives information on our fine mesh products.

Compass Wire Aggregate Line CardGives information on our heavy mesh products.

Compass Wire Parts Line CardInformation on wear parts available.


Screening Basics 101
An informative Powerpoint presentation discussing screening basics, maintenance and troubleshooting. Some topics covered are measuring; grades and alloys; the differences between and uses for round, edged and hooked screens; how to order; slot direction; laps; and troubleshooting common problems associated with screens.