Replacement Screens for Midwestern Industries Separators

For over 30 years, we’ve been producing replacement screens to fit all vibratory separators. Our ISO-quality system allows us to ensure maximum screen life through efficient product performance. And our inventory is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the industry – enabling us to meet your requirements quickly.

Midwestern Industries Replacement Vibratory Separating and Scalping Screens

Our hooked screens can be produced to match your specifications and tailored to match your immediate needs. Shrouds made of all alloys including galvanized stainless steel, mild steel, copper, etc., are enhanced by various types of insert material such as canvas, mesh, metal and urethane.
Years of research and testing have provided us with the ability to maximize screen tension with the perfect match of shroud gauges and insert material to the wire cloth being utilized. Complete replacement vibratory screens come ready for installation in any OEM equipment, including Midwestern Industries.
Heat sealed protective tape and bolt holes are used for extending screen life. By securing the screen to the vibrating unit in this fashion, extreme vibration is limited while allowing for maximum loads.

Replacement Edged Screens for Midwestern Industries equipment

The diversity of our product line is demonstrated by our five unique types of edging construction:
• Bonded edge –a U-binded tape made of cotton webbing coated with heat-activated adhesive
• High-temperature edge (used for applications up to 600 degrees F, U-binded and heat sealed)
• Polyester edge (U-binded and adhered to polyester and nylon woven wire cloth)
• Vinyl edge (washable, FDA-approved, and bacteria-proof)
• Metal edge (available in stainless steel, galvanized and mild steel)

Replacement Round & Pretensioned Screens For Midwestern Industries Separators

Used for sizing or separating dry material or liquid, welded or epoxied round and pre-tensioned screens are used extensively in multiple industries. Running an application that requires FDA-approved adhesive? We have it. Any processor of fine materials – food, pharmaceuticals, resins and polymers, etc. – can rely on us to deliver the right round or pre-tension screen to suit their requirements.

Produced in a temperature-controlled environment, we fabricate replacement screens to fit all OEM equipment, including Midwestern Industries. Our screens feature even and efficient tensioning of both metal and synthetic wire cloth, designed to limit blinding and blockages.
Our sixteen-gauge stainless steel rings can be welded or epoxied (epoxy designed to meet food-grade requirements is also available).
Critical components, such as center rings and protective gaskets, are used to strengthen and hold the bolt hole down. All rings are stamped with the wire specifications for your convenience.

Ultrasonicscreens are available. A secondary, ultrasonic vibration is produced on these screens and helps to prevent blinding on fine meshes. The homogenous sound distribution inside and outside the resonator-ring causes an increase in the screening performance over the entire surface of the ring. Ultrasonic technology is suitable for use in any vibratory screener. Have a screen that you’d like retrofitted with ultrasonics? Just ask!
In a nutshell, ultrasonics offer many advantages, including significantly improved screening performance; consistent throughput and particle sizing; the ability to use smaller mesh sizes (equivalent of higher throughputs); improved separation and higher capacity; extended screen life.
In addition to our full line of screens, balls and sliders, connectors, sleeves and boots and BFM fittings are available, as well as transducers and related components for your ultrasonics.

If your frames are in good shape, refurbishing and rescreening is an option.
Give us a call today at 800-257-5241 to see why so many rely on Compass Wire Cloth for their replacement Midwestern Industries screening needs.