Replacement Vibratory Screens for Eriez ®


Discover top-quality replacement vibratory screens for Eriez ® at Compass Wire, your trusted fabricator for over four decades. Our expertise lies in crafting replacement screens tailored to your exact specifications, backed by ISO quality certification for unrivaled precision and performance. With an extensive inventory of wire cloth and a commitment to swift delivery, we ensure you receive a superior product promptly.

Our vibratory screens find applications across diverse industries, from food processing to pharmaceuticals, recycling, and mining. Available in both hooked and epoxied configurations, these screens are compatible with magnetic and non-magnetic separators. Choose from a range of alloys including stainless steel, mild steel, and copper, with FDA-approved adhesive options for added peace of mind.



Eriez ® Replacement Round and Pre-tensioned Screens


Explore our selection of replacement round and pre-tensioned screens designed specifically for Eriez ® equipment. These screens can be seamlessly welded or epoxied, and optionally glued with FDA-approved adhesive. Crafted in a controlled environment, our screens ensure a perfect fit for all OEM equipment, guaranteeing uniform tensioning for optimal performance.

Whether you prefer metal or synthetic wire cloth, rest assured of consistent and efficient tensioning for your screen. Our sixteen-gauge stainless steel rings are available with center rings and protective gaskets to reinforce bolt holes and ensure secure fitting. Each ring is stamped for easy identification, offering added convenience.

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